VS has a new co-cordinator and administrator!

Let us welcome Fundiswa "Gigi" Ndlela, our new VS Co-ordinator, and Odwa Mongezi our administrator.and we also have a new VS office .

First VS claim lodged!

Daily Dispatch article, Friday 15 August 2014

Daily Dispatch article on Re-Opening (2014-07-09)

There isn't a link to this online, so here are photographs of the article.

VS responds to the "ring-fencing" demand

This is a press release that we put out last week.

Large Eastern Cape social movement welcomes re-opening of restitution;
and insists that betterment claims be prioritised with those who have already claimed

VS member to submit first claim!

The leadership of VS met with Thami Mdontswa, Deputy Chief Land Claims Commissioner, in East London on 19 June 2014.

Welcome to our new website!

Welcome to our new website!